About Me

So who is he? What does he do, and what is his background?

My name is Ryan Weber

And at the ripe age of 6 I knew I was destined to help people.
Both my parents worked as medical professionals most of my life. I remember the dinner
conversations growing up, the nights and holiday’s they both worked and how they loved what
they did. That is what planted the seed.

I Wanted To Be The Best And Would Not Settle For Average...

When I was about 9 I wanted to compete in a city sporting event. We competed in basketball, football, running and an obstacle course. It was the first time I had really done anything like it. I wasn't sure what to expect because it was all new to me. It was such a busy day and I don't remember all of the details but, I do remember doing very well in all of the events. Even I was surprised at how well I did. The highlight for me that day was definitely the obstacle course. It was a very close race between me and another kid. I ended up beating him out and winning the race. I can remember running across the finish line with my hand raised above my head. I felt like I was going to pass out. I don't remember who, but someone in the crowd picked me up and yelled, "you did it kid!" Needless to say it was a very exciting moment.

When I was 11

Things had shifted for me and I struggled to get along with some of the other kids. I can remember getting bullied quite a bit because I was a small kid. I remember riding my bike home one day and getting jumped by some kids I went to school with. A group of about 5-7 kids literally knocked me off of my bike into some bushes. They just starting kicking and stomping me.
I wasn’t beat up too bad, but I was emotionally scarred and physically covered in bruises. My parents thought I was just a clumsy kid and didn't believe me at first when I told them what happened. It was an awkward time because the idea of kids getting bullied and hazed just didn't resonate with the schools and parents yet. They thought kids will be kids...

When I was 13

My dad could tell there was something wrong. He didn't know what it was and I didn't either. He sat me down one day and had a conversation I will never forget. He asked me, “Do you want to be a leader or a follower?” I was speechless and didn't know how to respond. He would sometimes get upset if I didn't know what to say. That would make me a little nervous. All I could do was sit there and listen and try to figure things out...

I Wondered If Something Was Really Wrong With Me…

My parents wanted to the best for me and sent me to a catholic high school. I started out excited and confident but, unfortunately it went downhill pretty fast. I constantly got into trouble receiving numerous detentions and suspensions. I missed tests and quizzes which had a negative impact on my report cards. I even had a home room teacher who would kick me out of class for no reason. It was like my being there just made her upset…The other students would witness these crazy episodes and just give me a blank stare. I even had a girl stick up for me one day, and then she got kicked out. At that point no one said anything else. If the teacher was in one of her moods, everyone knew I was going to get yelled at and kicked out. 

On the days I was kicked out of home room, I would do my best to hide in the halls or the bathroom. If another teacher saw me, or the dean saw me, I would get marked as tardy and get an automatic detention. Those suckers really added up after a while. My homeroom teacher would kick me out of the classroom on average 3 times per week. I wish I could tell you this was a joke but, this is exactly how I remember it.

I remember getting an in-school suspension because my shirt tale was untucked. Another time I was suspended because I had a tiny bit of stubble on my chin. I even missed a test because my shoelace was untied. Now, I don’t want to make excuses or sound like a cry baby but, these were trivial offenses. Other kids were doing far worse than me but never seemed to get caught. I knew of kids smoking in the bathrooms, having sexual encounters around the school, talking back to teachers and even doing drugs. But I was being punished for an untucked shirt?? Come on!

Needless to say my self-confidence dropped drastically. I got into fights with some kids in school and I adopted the attitude that I would earn my detentions because I got so many of them. I clearly remember Ms. Paradise, who was my Spanish teacher at the time ask me, “Ryan, you seem like a good kid, why do you always have detention?” I simply looked at the ground and said, “I don’t know…” At that point, her and a few other teachers eased up on me which made things a little easier to manage.

I finally left this school my senior year, first day of class, in a very explosive way! After getting into a fight with a kid on the first day of school, the dean saw me and pulled me into his office. He told me that he was done with me and was going to handle this right now. He called my mother at work and literally said to her, “We don’t need your son and his kind in our school!” I could clearly hear my mom get upset. The dean hung up the phone and asked if I had anything to say. Long story short, I was in another school the following week and couldn’t be happier to have left that awful place. It was a serious turning point in my life for sure, thank God!

Would I Have What It Takes, Would I Be Enough?

I graduated a super skinny kid destined to change the world. I knew that if I was going to be a life changer, I needed to work on my own transformation. Fitness was my first choice because I felt like it was something most people could identify with. Who wouldn't want to improve the way they look and feel? I met a guy at the gym who was a bodybuilder and happened to be an awesome trainer. He took me under his wing for the next 5 plus years, investing a lot of time into my transformation. At the time he was battling his own demons and sickness. The gym was very therapeutic for him and gave him something to focus on other than his being ill. Truth be told he lived many years longer than the doctors thought. They credited it to his passion for the gym and supporting people. Don Devito was such an amazing soul who transformed the lives of so many young men. To this day, I still keep in contact with the group he trained at Club Ultimate. Even though the gym is no longer open, and Don has departed from this world, his legacy lives on in the lives we are transforming today.

Don came into my life at the perfect time. He fueled my passion for fitness and supported me in self-development. I read, took classes and learned as much as I possibly could from anyone who would teach me. I even wrote a paper in college about ‘How To Change Your ‘DNA’ And Transform Your body’. It was a catchy title but not well received by the teacher. She told me my idea was impossible and she would fail me if I presented it as my class project. I did it anyway, the class loved it and I got an ‘A-’ on the paper. My teacher didn't say much, but she did express interest the whole time I spoke. I never got the paper back from her even though I asked repeatedly. I knew I was on to something...

My Experience As A Firefighter

I had many different jobs while I was in school figuring out what I really wanted. Firefighting was a natural fit. It was a long and difficult journey to get hired full-time, but after 3 years I got the job.

I have experienced life, death, surprises both good and bad, high emotions, low emotions and everything in between. I could write a book on my experiences as a firefighter/paramedic alone. The lessons I learned and the actions I took molded and shaped a large part of who I am now. My level of fitness not only supported me in getting the job, but it has saved my butt several times.

I have always been very service oriented and enthusiastic to hep others. I still work today as a firefighter/paramedic, and I share my stories freely to those who ask. Now more than ever, I can see how my experiences as a firefighter support how I coach people into results. Just being able to relate on so many levels of emotions is very supportive because everyones background and experience is different. Meeting people where they are at and asking good questions is a relatable skill set. As firefighters, we all dare to care and not pass judgement in hopes of guiding someone through their most difficult time.

Coaching, Competitions And Fatherhood

By this time I had several people asking me about fitness coaching and how to get more healthy. I would create programs for people at my leisure but, I didn't realize there was such a big need for it. I thought that because I knew, everybody did. Heartfelt advice on eating healthy and building confidence is a game changer. Most importantly, it gives people an outlet to express themselves in a productive way!

Before I was married, I had done 25+ fitness competitions across the country. I began as an amateur, competed nationally and after 5 years became an IFBB Pro. It wasn’t easy but it was awesome! I’ve worked with some of the world’s best nutritional coaches, competed against famous athletes, worked out with famous tv personalities and have built friendships all across the country.

I have trained and supported hundreds, if not thousands of people to live a more healthier lifestyle. My wife and I both are teaching our son the same work ethic and values. Competing is not for everyone, but personal growth and accomplishment is. When you can improve in one area of your life, it will spill over and have a positive impact on several other areas of your life if you are open to the growth.

If You Can Change Your Perspective You Can Change Your Life

You are what you repeatedly do everyday. If you are doing the same thing and not getting the results you want, its time to do something different. If you can change your perspective you can change your life. Most people think it’s the end destination that will bring them all the success and happiness. I can tell you from experience that the Journey is what it is all about. Your perception of self, and the attitude with which you approach your life will make the all the difference.

Reaching your goal may not bring you the experience of self-fulfillment. Taking the first step and embracing your experience of the journey is what will enlighten you. The journey lasts a lot longer than the end game. Celebrate the journey along the way and you will encounter endless experiences of happiness and success.

The only ones who don’t make it to the next level are the ones who don’t try. Make your life count for something and prove to yourself you can. You have everything it takes and then some. It is your God given right to live the best version of you.

Learn More About How Ryan Can Support You

Fitness is what opened the door to many successes for me. Developing self-confidence is what changed my life forever, and it allows me to experience true happiness! I would go as far to say it saved my life! I have had so many experiences through the years, so many things I want to share with you to support you in becoming the best version of yourself. I believe in giving back, sharing wisdom and living with a purpose. You are meant for so much more, you are worth it and I believe in YOU. The time to start is now!